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Meeting friends, shopping and late night party

partlycloudy.gifToday we have had about +27C in the capital. The night temperatures are down to +15C in San Jose. ME NO LIKE. Sunny but with some clouds.

I woke up around 9 today. I slept almost 12 hours. WONDERFUL. I was still tired though but probably from oversleeping. hehe. I got up and had breakfast with Francisco, took a shower (warm water this time) and headed out. The first thing I did was to pop in at Tia Daisys office to hand over the Norway gifts I had for them. I stayed there chatting for a while and then headed to the bus stop to take the bus downtown. From downtown I realized I was running late and took a cab to Multiplaza Escazu to meet Ivannia for lunch. And I found out that they have Cinnabon at Multiplaza: Yummy. But my body was in no mood for sugar today so I did with just one !

Ivannia and I shopped a bit before having lunch and we found a lot of cool stuff at Zara, Qiuque and Mango (not European MNG), We updated eachother of what had happened in our lives and after lunch I headed from Multiplaza to Moravia to check out If I could find any other cool stuff to take home. Not much I had not already seen so I went downtown and headed for Internet cafe again where I stayed for a couple of hours.

Heading home Francisco was asleep so I started packing my suitcase. When I was done I woke him up and we went for dinner at a place in San Francisco called La Fiesta Mexicana. GREAT FOOD and great entertainment. A sister and a brother was singing tradicional rancheras (ranch songs). It was really cool. We stayed for several hours before moving to the next bar. Actually we left the car at Frans house and went to the nextdoor bar – MAR Karaoke – where we stayed till 4 am. It was a great party with a lot of fun and I dont know what happened but suddenly I had like 3-4 guys hanging around me. Unfortunately cousin Fran was playing bodyguard and did not let me misbehave.

Salud dirá mañana si hay fiestas en Liberia.


Braulio Carrillo National park

partlycloudy.gifWe had wonderful weather, around +27C today and no winds. Few clouds.

I got up at 4:30 today and must admit that the shower did more damage than good since the water was way too cold and I was way too tired. I got through it though and then got a bus downtown to the pickup point for my Braulio Carrillo tour. I was picked up at 6 am and the HUGE group of 2 japanese tourists and I, oh – lets not forget about the tour guide, Roger, and the bus driver, headed the 45-50 minutes drive towards the Limon province, through the national park and stopped at the Rainforest areal tram area. The first thing we did was to have a nice walk in one of the park paths before going down to the ranger station.

Did you guys ever see the movie Gorillas in the mist? Around 60% of the movie was filmed here.

Or did you see the first Jurassic Park movie? Parts of that one was also filme in this area.

Well, the tropical rainforest of Braulio Carrillo National Park in Costa Rica looks very similar to the setting of these movies. This flora and fauna sanctuary is an emerald-green mass of vegetation, a saturation of tropical plants, waterfalls and trees that are heavily laden with orchids and other plants that cling to their branches. Even if someone has witnessed the splendor of a virgin rainforest before, no one that visits the Braulio Carrillo National Park can avoid feeling a sense of awe because of its beauty and magnitude.

Braulio Carrillo is located only 20 kms. Northeast of the capital city of San Jose. The park was founded in 1978 in order to save some of the area that was being opened up by the Guapiles Highway, and it was named after the third president of Costa Rica who ruled in the mid 1800s. The steep slopes are covered with thick cloud forest and beautiful waterfalls and can be seen from the road. The park consists of magnificent 46,000 hectare park and is one of Costa Ricas largest national parks. It is home to three kinds of monkeys, tapirs, 557 bird species and more than 4000 different species of plants.

At the ranger station we were expected with breakfast. The traditional dish with scrambled eggs and gallo pinto. We also got to see a three-toed sloth moving around. That is pretty rare since the

As we headed back towards San Jose the Japanese dudes fell asleep and so did I for a short while. Though I got to take a lot of pictures of the park and Rio Sucio. This River was in the 1st Jurassic Park movie !
I was left at the Telefericos office and headed towards the regular Internet cafe where I use to go at Cafe Digital about 50 meters from Plaza de la cultura in San Jose downtown.

I stayed there until Sunita showed up and then we went shopping for her lunchbreak. I also went to Pulmitan de Liberia to get a bus ticket for Saturday before I went to visit Turid and Alfredo Delgado in San Pedro. I stayed there for a couple of hours and Turid and I had a really nice long chat before I had to move on to the meeting point of where to meet Karla.

I have not seen Karla since 1999! That is a long time. We met the first time living in Montreal when we were there in 1995. She is the same old good friend I always knew. It was cool to meet you again Karla !

We went to have dinner at an Italian restaurant and I had pappardelle with salmon ! yummy. We had a great time. Sitting down I realized that I am in no shape to continue the party after dinner and I had to cancel on Sunita for going out tonight.

Karla drove me home and I was far away in dreamland by 9:30pm.

Family day

partlycloudy.gifToday weather was nice again. A little warmer than yesterday. Around +25C and few clouds. No winds nor rain.

I woke up with a bad headache. Most surely from not sleeping too much lately. Doing a lot does not help either. I managed to sleep in and got a ride from Francisco and William to Heredia to go visit Lorena. Lorena is my other sister.

I have Roxana and Federico in Liberia and Lorena in San Jose area. Fran left me at a stretch where I could walk directly to her house. Though I did not do that in search of an internet cafe and the knowledge that she was not going to be at home before in another 30 minutes. Suddenly she called me, she had gotten home way earlier and then she came and picked me up. We had lunch and a great talk before she took me to Heredia downtown where I could get the bus to San Jose before the dark set in. The bus drive took me more than one hour due to the rush hour. Boring !!

From there I went to Telefericos offices and bought the tickets to go to Braulio Carrillo tomorrow. Weee. Then I took a cab up to my aunt Flor and cousin Jessica and we had dinner and talked for several hours before they left me in Guadalupe and I took a cab home. The cab driver was very nice and we had a good conversation before I got home, went in and got to bed. Very tired. I need to relax a bit soon. hehe.. NO TIME for that.

Just hanging around.

cloudy.gifNot nice weather today. I am missing my Guanacaste. +22C and no sight of blue sky at all. Brrr. It actually poored down at several occations. This is why I prefer Guanacaste.

I woke up around 10:45 by a phone call and found that was a reasonable time to get out of bed. I had my shower and then I headed downtown. I went to Cafe Digital Internet cafe to do the entries in my blog. I felt the urge to be updated because it is so much to update and do during a day that if I dont I will forget so much. I pretty much spent most of the day doing that. At 5 I met Sunita and we walked from downtown to Rohrmoser to Oscars place to make some brunchinner (breakfast/lunch for me. Dinner for Sunita) before she had to go to job #2.
From there I went to aunt Daisy where I had Dinner a little later. As we were eating viewing the news and info about the Ricky Marting concert that was actully given the credits as the best pop-concert that had ever arrived Costa Rica.

I could also read in the papers that 6 people died in a Car accident yesterday. That means 76 until now this year. Compared to Norway where 242 people died in traffic accidents during the whole year of 2006.
After dinner I went home to Franciscos house and his girlfriend, Hazel, with the kid, Sebastian, and a friend of his + Frans mom, aunt Aracelly, was there. They were having a small party with nice food but I was in no shape of eating more tonight. hehe. Got to bed around 10:30pm

RICO Martin – ohhh we love you !!

The Ricky Martin concert
From Rohrmoser I went straigt toTibas where the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa is located and during the trip I had a couple of phone calls with Paola, Jessica and Sunita.

There were people everywhere!!!

Ricky Martin is one of the most popular Latino singer in the world and he is highly popular here in Costa Rica as well! I have loved Mr Rico and his music since I lived in Costa Rica in 1993.

Beautiful ballads as well as fancy latino rythms that makes you want to move your hips and your legs and your upper body and joy that fills you.

One of the first songs I fell in love with was Fuego contra Fuego:

A beautiful ballad that still takes my breath away and makes me dream of falling hopelessly in love.

I talked to Jessica again and then I went to stand in line to get good seats. I also got a ticket for Sunita that didn’t have one yet. The lines were long. About 500-700 meters long and luckily Jessica cought up on me so I did not have to wait too long by myself. Paola showed up as we closed in on the entrance, but still no sign of Sunita.

I decided to wait outside and I waited for almost an hour for her to show up. She showed up last minute and the guards closed the gates just behind our heels.

Unfortunately now the only problem was that my cell was completely depleated of battery.

The stadium was FULL. Maybe 10-15000 people had shown up. As the warm-up band got on stage the lights went out and made it no easier to find my cousins.  Sunita and I decided to sit down somewhere and after the warm-up band the lights went on again. Luckily Paola was on the search for us and I spotted her as she was searching for us. I was really happy to be united with them again. I was also very glad I had 2 hooded sweaters on. It was cold (around +18C) at the stadium and crispy wind.

Suddenly music starts and the crowd went wild. Screaming, and yelling RICO, RICO, RICO for Ricky (RICO means really good looking). As Ricky entered the stage to a spectacular light show with great music – well I have never witnessed a crazier crowd.

The full show was fantastic. Great music. Great RICO and a great crowd. As they all sang with him on the most well-known songs. Fantastic. The crowd was alive. Man, what a great experience.

This is by far, one of the best concert experiences I have ever had!

El Cuartel de la Boca
After the concert ended Sunita and I decided to go to “El cuartel” to meet up with some other couchsurfers. Paola drove us there and mondays are womens night. Free entrance and a live band. The band that played tonight was a great band with reaggae music and great dance music. We soon found Cyril dancing with a couple of friends all in front of the stage where we stayed dancing a while as well before we went searching for other CS friends of Sunita that had said they were going to be there.

We found Miami Marco with a friend, Jonathan, and we settled with them. They were a lot of fun and really great company. We danced and talked until they closed and then we went to “El Pueblo” that was mostly closed. Some of the bars were open but not many. There we decided to go to San Pedro and stop at TicoBurguesas to get something to eat. When they closed at 4am we were bound to end the night and got cabs home. Thanks folks for a great night out.

Paying Dr. Perdomo a visit for a checkup

partlycloudy.gifWhen I woke up it was around +24C and some clouds. During the day we had some moments of beautiful sunny weather and at night it was raining a bit.

Shopping downtown
The day started out at 8am and I had breakfast by myself (and Franciscos dogs that sat next to me as I had food like lightended candles waiting for a bit to fall down on the floor). I went downtown to do some shopping and to get some souvenirs. I bought an acrylic painting of a rainforest with a river. It is soooo nice. I have thought of if for more than a month now. I am just so glad they had not already sold it. I also got a couple of hooded sweaters before I went home to leave the painting at the house, pack for the night and set off for the Eyedoctors.

Appointment at the Eye doctors
Then I took a cab from San Francisco to Rohrmoser. Of course I had to remember the wrong adress in Rohrmoser and went to Plaza Rohrmoser instead of Plaza Mayor where Dr Perdomo has his office. Anyways the two malls are withing walking distance of each other so I just walked the last 500 meters.

I was there very early so that I could have some time to check my emails and update my webpage at a local internet cafe. As some of you remember and already know about I had my eyes operated with LASIK surgery  for my Myopia 4 years ago here in San Jose. Myopia is the official name for being nearsighted.

Today I am scheduled to do a check-up after all these years so that the doctor can see how I have progressed. My appointment was scheduled for 2:30pm and as the good Norwegian I am, I was early. For nothing.

When I got there I was told:
“You will get in right after the lady over there”.
“And how long will it take?” I asked.
“Well, around 30 minutes because it is her initial check”.

Ok. Then I have the time to go get some lunch I thought. Oh well. I went to have some lunch, I did some shopping and got back within my 30 minutes to realize that she still had not been let in. OH MY G.. What to do. Well. I sat down and watched TV. Gilmore Girls and the OC’s was on.
And … I had time to watch both shows before I was called in to my check.

It was the same lady that checked my eyes 4 years ago and she was thrilled to see me again poiting out that I had been lost for so many years. HA! I was never lost. I know where I’ve been. I certainly wasn’t lost ! hehe.

What was wonderful is that my sight has not changed in these 4 years. Fantastic sight still. She also dripped my eyes with a liquid that would open my pupils completely to do the remaining checks done by the DR. Perdomo himself.

I had to wait for about 30 minutes. I was getting stressed out cause I had agreed to meet my friends to get good seats for the RICKY concert at 4pm and it was now 4:30pm. But well. What can you do. TICOTIME.

I finally got in to the doctor and although 2,5 hours later than the appointment was scheduled to.

For what the tests showed him and what he could see from his tests my eyes are still in a perfect 20/20 sight with no changes and the results are very good after the operation. Fantastic !!!!

How wonderful it is to do nothing and then rest a bit.

partlycloudy.gifThe morning started out great with wonderful sun and +24C but as the clock approached 4pm it got really cloudy and we had some rain at night.

Ojo de agua
During breakfast one of Franciscos friends called and wanted us to go with them to the swimmingpools in the Alajuela area – Ojo de agua. We decided to do so and called Hazel, Franciscos girlfriend to see if she wanted to come. She brought her kid, Sebastian, a really nice kid around 6-7 years old. We loaded the 3 seat car with stuff and 4 people and the kid had to hide whenever some traffic police would be around. We got to Ojo de agua around 11am and MAN it was crowded. People everywhere. Though at least we got to tan a bit and enjoy the swimming pools, even though I must admit it might be a bit cold. Even for me being a norse and all. We went home around 3pm and Fran let me off downtown to pick up desserts and check if the painting I want was still there. No probl. about the painting. The store was closed. I picked up som 3 leches for all and then headed home.

Carne asada
Carne Asada means barbecue and we had a barbecue party in my house when I got home. It was with Hazel, the kid and Frans 2 friends from the pool.
The meet was great and I think we all enjoyed it. The 4 dogs (Coky, Tiffany, Princesa and Florida) were sitting like lit candles around us hoping that we would feed them and Coky even puked because he overate.
Then I decided to go for a search to find an open internet cafe but I only found one that closed 15 minutes after I came there. The dude was nice though and gave me 30 minutes. Not that that helps to do 5 days of blog entries.. I must admit. I am not updating my blog every day although I go back and update every day.

As I got home we watched a movie – Kindergarden cop with Arnold Schwartzenegger before going to bed. Man I am tired these days.