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Kevin Hart visiting Oslo Spektrum

I had the most amazing time tonight attending Kevin Hart’s new show “What now?”

First my friend Linda and I went to have dinner at Dinner restaurant in Oslo. A very nice Asian restaurant that serves it food HOT. Food was great and so was the company.

Approaching the arena and the time of the show we realized how popular this show was as the queues to enter were long. Thankfully we had pre-bought, pre-picked-up tickets and did not have to waste time to do that. The arena was completely sold out which was great.

Inside there was a photo- / recording device-ban so no pictures from the show, but I did get these two after the show was over and we were told it was OK to take out cameras.

Show was awesome. The energy, the jokes and the humor of this guy. Amazing. I laughed so much tears were running and my stomach hurt. Haha.
Great. Very happy. Will Def try to get tickets next time he is around ;)