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Houston USA – Liberia CR – Cañon de la Vieja

I woke up 5:30 as Lisa woke up in the other bed in the room and we spent about an hour talking before we had to get out of bed, which left me with 30 minutes to get ready and on my way. Lisa drove me to my terminal where I checked in and went through the security control. My flight had changed from terminal C to E, but that great because between the two terminals there is a nice little shopping area. For breakfast I had some amazing chocolate covered strawberries and I found some really cool Christmas decorations for my tree. A Texas cowboy hat and a boot ! :D Awesome.

The plane was almost full, but the seat next to me was unoccupied and both me and the guy by the window were happy for that. Extra space in airplanes is not granted too often :D He was a Costa Rica first timer and had lots of questions about where to go and what to see.

We arrived Costa Rica on time at 12:30, and in the passport control I was lucky enough to meet one of my friends working in the airport who opened up a new counter and let me go through customs as one of the first in line. I was also lucky to find my luggage coming out as one of the first ones :D Yay! Go VIP treatment :D

Mami, my sister Roxana, husband Gilber and son Luis were my welcome committee and they relieved me from my luggage and showed me to the car, and then we went home to have lunch.

Cañon de la Vieja

During lunch my brother Federico called to ask if I wanted to join his family to go swimming and enjoy the afternoon. Of course I joined them.

Cañon de la vieja is a hotel with swimming pools, spa treatment, hanging bridges and much more and its just about 15 minutes drive away from Liberia. Federico came to pick me up with his wife Noylin, kids Ana and Isabella and nanny Rebeca. Arriving there Federico sat down in the shade in the bar and had a drink and the kids and I went for a swim. Noylin joined us shortly after and we had fun for a long time playing in the water.


Swimming pool at Cañon de la Vieja

When we were done we decided to go check out the hanging bridge. I brought with me Ana because she was really afraid to cross but in the end she had lots of fun. Isabella, Noylin and Rebeca joined us shortly after.


Me with Ana


Isabella and Noylin on the hanging bridge

Later on we went to the spa pools. Costa Rica has lots of thermal waters, but this was a regular heated spa pool. Nonetheless… Very enjoyable temperature compared to temperatures at home right now.


Spa pool

Just before 5pm we joined Federico by the bar and changed the kids before we headed back home.


Noylin, Federico and Isabella


White Throathed Magpie-Jay

Well at home I arrived just in time for dinner and Mami had cooked us a nice meal which we enjoyed together. A great day ended with movies at home with Mami and Papi and early bedtime after 2 nights in a row with just 3 hours of sleep :D


Spending the day with friends

I had breakfast at home today and then I headed for Hotel El Sitio again.

At 3 pm I left and headed for my friend Angelicas house. It was very nice to see her and her daughter again.

When Angelica had to go to mass at 6 she dropped me off at the park where I met Diego and we went to the Italian ice cream shop to have more of that awesome delicious ice-cream!

At 8 PM I had an appointment with Ana and Jim in their home for dinner and Anas friend Marcos was also invited.

Ana and Jim had cooked a lovely BBQ meal and Marcos brought an awesome cheesecake :D

We had a lovely time and it was really nice to catch up with Ana and Marcos and finally get to know Jim as well.

Thank you, friends, for a lovely evening!

Relaxing in the sun and party with friends

I woke up to another beautiful day in Liberia and i decided to spend it outside in the sun. People here are all geared up because of the local Fiestas and the daily horse parades. Lots of Caballeros are everywhere to be seen, dressed up in traditional Cowboy outfits. It is so cool.

I went to spend the day at El Sitio again where I had this little fellow joining me for company.

It was a beautiful day and I went home late afternoon to spend some time with my family before I had plans to meet up with my friends at Brasas Restaurante y Grill.

My friends are some of my class mates from back when I attended school here in Liberia and today we have planned a class reunion party :D We weren’t many because one of our class mates was celebrating his second wedding today and many of our class mates were invited to the wedding celebration. However some had taken their time to meet me and we had a very nice time !

Marlen with a bottle of Bavaria.

Eddy, Erick, Rita, Me and Marlen.

It was a very nice party and very nice to meet up with my friends :D It was so good to have some quality time with these friends of mine that I hardly ever have the chance to see and spend time with.

The party lasted into the small hours and we all had a very good time !!

My friends Eddy, Erick, Rita, Me & Marlen

Enjoying days in the sun

This morning I had breakfast and relaxed some at home before I walked down to the city centre and later on Hotel El Sitio. I did some shopping. I got a beautiful, new Tommy Hillfiger purse and new sandals :D

Then I stopped by the Italian Ice Cream store and got myself a lovely ice cream with passion fruit and choco-amaretto taste. SOOOO Delicious.

Of course I ran into Ana outside of the store and she just laughed at me as she introduced me to this store just yesterday :D I guess she was thankful that I liked the ice cream she introduced me to :D I think without her I would have continued to walk straight past it without noticing that this store had become a new ice-cream store.

I spent several hours at the swimming pool, enjoying the sun, tanning, working a few hours in the shadow and reading. It was a lovely day.

I got home for dinner and spent the rest of the night at home with mami and papi :D

Snorkeling with Sharks @ Cano Island

Today is Valentines day and being single for me the best way to celebrate this day of friendship and love is to spend it in a huge group snorkeling the tropic waters of Caño Island in the Pacific.

Magnus today went with a different group to go diving and I went with the snorkeling group. We were picked up at the same time. The french couple we got to know at the hotel last night came with me to the snorkelling trip.

We were picked up at 7am and today our boat didn’t rush to get to the island as fast as we had driven yesterday to Sirena. Yesterday our mission had been to arrive as early as possible. Todays mission was to try to spot dolphins, whales and turtles on our way there.

A gay shark

And we saw 3 Olive Ridley Sea Turtles.

Arriving at the island we put on our snorkeling gear and jumped into the water where a new world opened up for our eyes. Fishes in any kind of color (and shape) appeared in front of our eyes. Tigerfish, Dogsnapper, Red Snapper, Yellow Puff fish, Rainbow fish, blue and yellow fish, green and blue fish, puffers, snapper, parrot fish, surgeon fish, barber fish and eels below the crashing of the azure tinted waves.

The first session was for almost an hour (thankfully I have and extra water resistant sunblock) and in top of all the colorful fishes, we even got to see a few sharks !!! They are white reef-tip sharks and not agressive at all (however I should probably not say that – because that takes all the exitement out of it.

We went on shore to the gorgeous beach for lunch and our guides set up a lovely buffet table for us to enjoy.

While we enjoyed our lunch we had a few Jesus Christ Lizards checking us out.

After lunch we went out again. This time in a little deeper waters. However due to the amount of waves the water was not so clear and we had to move closer to shore to get better visibility. Here it was great visibility and we saw another shark as well.

On our way back we were lucky enough to see a mama Humpback whale with a young one.

When we got back to Bahia Drake Mary and David (France) and I went for a swim at the beach outside of our hotel. Having spent the whole day in the water – we just needed to get another swim. It was soooo nice. Temperatures in the water are lovely here. Spending hours in the water you still dont feel cold.

Hacienda Baru

Since we got home from the Night in the jungle trip and the Tree Climb tour we have spent our time relaxing at Hacienda Baru National wildlife Refugee, the home of Jack Ewing – the author of Monkeys are made of Chocholate. I bought this book 5 years ago and enjoyed its reading so much I HAD to visit the farm and the place I had read so much about.

Monkeys are Made of Chocolate is a series of short stories about the life on the farm, Ecotourism and how Hacienda Baru went from a Cattle Ranch / Rice Farming to an Eco-Tourism farm. Parts of it was also used for Cacao Trees.

The Cacao Plant.

At the Hacienda now there is a lot of Eco Tourism activities. Tree Climb, Night in the Jungle, A Butterfly Farm, An Orchid Garden, Bird Watching, Jungle Trails, Mangrove Walks, Night Hikes, Canopy and Zip Lines.

For  Recreational activities there is a gorgeous swimming pool and really nice condos. Our condo was really nice and spacious and we enjoyed delicious food from the cafeteria as well. The Hacienda is surrounded by beautiful Nature with lots of birds.

I enjoyed a lot to get to know the man behind one of my favourite books and stay at Hacienda Baru.

However we had to move on early the next morning to be in Sierpe in time for the 11:30 boat to Bahia Drake.

Baldi Hot Springs

After a 4 hour hike in the jungle searching for animals we went to Baldi Hot Springs where we stayed for the rest of the afternoon and had a great time relaxing in the sun.

Integraded Bars  / Swimming Pools

Magnus enjoying waterslides

Me enjoying the 47 C degrees hot water.

We also had an amazing lunch buffet with a gorgeous view of the volcano.

In the Park there is also a huge amount of birds and animals that come to enjoy the water as well and we got to see a lovely pair of Chestnut Mandibled Toucans.

It was a lovely visit! Absolutely recomendable!