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Leaving Los Angeles

I spent most of last night packing my stuff neatly into my different bags and suitcases making sure they dont weigh more than the exact limit that the airline company allows, however I really hope my carry-on luggage wont be weighed !! It weighs a lot more than the allowed 18 kgs.

Even if I was up late last night I woke up real early, got ready and waited for Marco to get ready for work. He gave me a lift to the airport to make sure I got there in time. I checked in with Continental, paid the overweight fee that was not really cheap (but a LOT cheaper than sending the stuff through the mail system) and went through the security control to the international area. I was there in good time and both check in and flight went very well.

As we flew over the US Continent, I took some pictures (I love window seats)  and watched 1,5 movies. The Bounty Hunter was one of them and then I started The last song

The Bounty Hunter

The Last Song

Unfortunately The last song was longer than the remaining time of our flight, hence we landed in New York a bit further than mid-movie. At the airport I got myself some nice Pizza and sat down next to the gate to wait for boarding.
I had a window seat again and this time I had a Norwegian mom and her son seated next to me. They were nice. The flight was somewhat delayed and while we watied I realized that I could watch the rest of The Last song. Woo hoo..

This movie was followed by

Date Night

And after this I gave in to sleep :D We arrrived Norway and it was a nice summer day :D YAY. More Sun. I wont comlain about that.  I cant wait to get my cat back !!!


Santa Monica Beach with Libbi

This morning I woke up after Marco had left for work and Marcos nephew Christian gave me a ride downtown LA when he drove Marcos mom to work.

I spent the morning walking up and down Olvera Street , before I got a hold of Libbi (that I met at the LA Twilight Eclipse Convention) and we agreed upon a meeting time. That left me with some good hours to walk around and get to know the area around Union Station. I walked up towards the Disney Concert Hall and found some nice buildings there to take pictures of. I found a nice little store that sold home made chocolate and I got myself a bar of white chocolate / peanut fudge and strawberries dipped in chocolate :D Yummy… They were sooo good.

At some point I ran out of time and had to hurry back to Union Station where I was supposed to meet with Libbi. Since Libbi was short of her cell phone I had to be there, cause I was not going to be able to get a hold of her after she had set off from home. I found a nice market place on my way, but was in too much of a hurry to really enjoy it.

Libbi arrived some time after myself due to traffic and then we set off to grab lunch at Santa Monica Beach. It was quite a little drive to get there, but it was great to meet up with Libbi again. Once there we went to Hooters (My first and probably last visit)  to have lunch. Quite ok, but  somewhat salty and greasy food. After lunch we went shopping and I bought quite a bit of clothes. I never found the Bath & Bodyworks store I needed to hoard my favourite body lotions and shower gels before I left, however I had now found most of the other stuff I wanted to take home with me by now.

Libbi had to leave at 3 and I spent some more time walking around, enjoying the sun and the warm weather before I headed towards Union Station in bus. Its amazing that you can spend so much time in buses in LA. Santa Monica doesnt have a metro so you are bound to take the bus back to Union Station. Thankfully I didnt have to change bus, however the ride took over 1 hour. At Union Station I sat to wait for Marco. He was due to leave work at 5 so I waited for him to get off work and head over my way to pick me up.

Once Marco was there he was lovely enjough to take me to Beverly Hills Mall where we finally found a Bath & Bodyworks store and I could hoard up on my supplies :D YAY

We had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant before going home and it was sooo good to come home. Now … the big task of fitting it all into my suitcases ….

Last day in Norco – moving on to Los Angeles

This morning I woke up early and had breakfast. It was a great morning and Vanessa and I decided to take the kids down to the city of Riverside. Riverside is a city located about 30 minutes from Norco and its a really nice place :D

We made lunch that we brought with us and walked around in Riverside searching for a few things that I wanted to buy with me home. I didnt find the stuff I wanted, but i did find an awesome passport holder / protector in black leather with stitched flowers and ladybugs.
We had our lunch in a park before we continued walking in the city. I found a nice secondhand store that sold everything from furniture to purses and clothes and lots of other stuff and I bought a jacket that costed me only $4 USD. While I had shopped Vanessa had taken the girls to a fountain nearby where they and other kids had taken a bath in the hot, sunny weather !!

We changed clotes on the kids and continued walking in the city. We stopped to have some delicious ice-cream before we went home and we all enjoyed it a lot :D After Ice-Cream we drove home and it was nappy time for the kids and I spent some time finishing my packing before Vanessa and I had a nice swim in the pool!

It was such a lovely day. Too bad it was my last with the family for this time !

When Gregg got home we packed the car and took the kids with us as well as all of my luggage. Time was come for me to leave and they took me to the train station. From there I travelled with Metrolink to Los Angeles where Marco picked me up at Union Station and we drove off to his place. It was really nice to see Marco again and we stopped for dinner at a Thai restaurant close to his place. It was nice to see his family again as well.

Early bed today :D

Relaxing Sunday in the Sun

sunny.gifWe had another gorgeous day with no clouds visible on the sky all day. Thankfully the temperatures have dropped a bit so its not so hysterically hot any more.. Im not saying its not hot but at least temps are not +44C any more. Its more like +37C which is totally livable.

I slept in this morning and spent some quality time relaxing.
Gregg and I took Zara to the hairdresser and then we went for grocery shopping. We went to Albertson with Zara which gave Dionne some time to pack for her upcoming work trip to San Francisco.
When we got back home we had lunch and then we went outside to play in the pool ! Boy was it a great day. The kids were having so much fun in the pool.

Dionne had to leave at 3:30pm and while the kids had their nap I updated pictures and edited them so I could upload them to the blog.

When Gregg got home we started cooking so they had some dinner for the next few days and then we took the kids outside to play.

Maya and Zara are so adorable but even adorable kids have to take a bath and go to bed. I cleaned the kitchen while Gregg put the kids to bed and when he was done with that task, we exchanged music and pictures from my stay so that they could also have a copy of the pics I have taken.

My first 35th birthday present !

sunny.gifWe had another gorgeous day with no clouds visible on the sky all day. It was really hot – over +44C and either swimming in the cold water or being inside in the aircondition were the options.

Ok, so its not really my birthday yet, but Dionne, Gregg and I have not been able to celebrate my birthday (or any other of our birthdays since we were 17 and 18 years old… (That is about… 17-18 years ago.. God, thats just scary to think about ….) so we had a summary birthday celebration tonight :D

The day started out with Dionne taking me to the hairdresser to get a haircut. When I got my haircut she got a pedicure at the nailsalon next door (the same one I went to the other day when I got my nails painted… beautiful artwork). I dont normally go to the hairdresser a lot and its only my second visit this year, so it was awesome to get get it cut and styled.
However after half an hour of blow drying my hair I was seriously starting to wonder how long it can take to blow dry a hair when its 39C outside.. I felt like melting and thats not a very nice feeling. When she finally finished the blow drying…. I felt the urge to escape so I asked her not to continue.. However the haircut turned out really nice :D Im very happy with it. After the haircut I went over to the CVS store to get ceral (Margaret – this one is for you) and then went to the nail salon to see if Dionne was done. Perfect timing is what we call that !

When we got home I was sooo tired, Im not certain from what though but I went to my room and fell asleep for 2 hours. When I woke up we had visitors. A friend of Dionne and Gregg that has 3 kids Maya and Zaras age so that they could all play together in the pool. That was nice.
At 3pm tia Vanessa came over to look after the kids and Gregg, Dionne and me went to have a nice evening out.

First stop was La Brea shopping centre where we did some shopping. It was a great mall. Pretty design, good collection of stores etc. However I didnt buy much. I have a limit and I soon dont have more room in my suitcases !!! Aich :D Hehehe

We then went to have dinner at the Cheesecake factory. It was a gorgeous dinner. I had caramel chicken. A spicy dish of chicken glaced in Caramel and for dessert I had White chocolate rasberry cheesecake. Sooooo good.
We had a great deal of fun and suddenly it was time to leave for the show.

We drove off to Fullerton and the Maverick Theatre where we had plans to see the play
The Producers

It was a great show and we had some nice eyecandy in the play too :D Greggs colleague Rick played one of the leads and the eyecandy was the other lead. Mr Leo Bloom played by Shaun-Michael McNamara… Good looking guy and talented too.

However.. They were all very talented and I enjoyed the show very much !

Here are some reviews from the papers about the play:
OC Weekly
The Orange County Register

Thank you Gregg and Dionne !!
That was an amazing birthday present and a great night out with you !


sunny.gifWe had another gorgeous day with no clouds visible on the sky all day. It was really hot – over +44C and either swimming in the cold water or being inside in the aircondition were the options.

TGIF is my start for today! I spent the day working again. Not so much interesting to report during a work week, except for me playing pirate again in the pool for lunch and for dinner Vanessa and I went to a Burritos place called Cancun Burritos close to Edwards Cinemas at the Corona Crossings Mall. After dinner at 6:40 we went to see Leonardo diCaprios latest movie:


Yet another of Leos movies that really hits home with me. I love his style with these darker movies like Shutter Island and Inception. I really love them.

Dom Cobb is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind is at its most vulnerable.

Cobb’s rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible-inception.

Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse: their task is not to steal an idea, but to plant one. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare the team for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming.

Quite amazing. Its a difficult movie though as it has 4 levels of a story inside one.
It is rare that I don’t throw stupid comments while watching a movie, but this one however, I was so fascinated that it kept me speechless. When we came out of the theatre – the only thing I wanted was to go in again and see it one more time.

“Are you certain you are not dreaming?
Are you certain you are awake?
Are you certain you know what you are doing right now?
Are you certain Im not just a projection of your fantasy?”

Inception Online:

After the movie Vane and I went to get some drinks for refreshment and we had a crema quemada (creme brulee) for dessert !
We also stopped by Barnes and Nobles before we went home.

It was a fantastic evening. Perfect movie evening !

*Harr* *Harr* Walking the plank …

sunny.gifWe had another gorgeous day with no clouds visible on the sky all day. It was really hot – over +44C and either swimming in the cold water or being inside in the aircondition were the options.

Another workday with not much to report from, however during my lunch I had, like every other good pirate, to walk the plank and cool down. It was soooo hot that it was really not an option not to go swim. Good thing we have a swimming pool in the garden!

After work Vanessa and I went to get our nails done at the local nail salon. Vane got the spa treatment and pedicure where I only got the regular paint and decoration of the nails. However I could quickly tell that this girl was talented in the nail art area.

She had a quick and skilled way of painting the most precious flowers on my nails. I must admit I think I have never had cuter nails than today !!

Hope the nail polish wont wear out within the first few days at least.

The funny thing is that it probably didnt even cost a tiny part of what it would have costed in Norway. Thats scary.

After dinner I played a pirates captive again and had to walk the plank into the swimming pool :D I had so much fun enjoying these days by the pool :D