My Travels

Here is a more or less complete list of my travels abroad throughout the years. If I remember more I will add them as I remember them.
I have not added any of my trips inside the borders of Norway and I didn’t blog from all the trips and I didn’t calculate border runs to the Swedish Border (which we do to buy food), but I did add links to the tags for my blog entries for the trips I did write about.

  • 2019
    • Helsinki Finland and Tallin Latvia, June
    • Paris, April
    • London, March
  • 2018
    • Malta, October
    • Costa Rica, January
  • 2017
    • Costa Rica, November and December
    • Hamburg Germany, September
  • 2016
    • London UK, December
    • Northern Cyprus, October
    • Northern Cyprus, July
    • Alicante Spain, July
    • Alicante Spain, May
    • Alicante Spain, February
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
    • Costa Rica, December
    • Belgium, September
    • Austria, August
    • Italy, July
    • Paris, France, March
    • Turkiye, February


  • 2011
  • 2010
    • Copenhagen, Denmark, November
      I went for a concert in Copenhagen Opera house with a band called Mew
    • Rome, Italy November
      I went to visit friends
    • Bremen, Germany, November
      I went back to Bremen for the Birthday of a friend
    • Arizona, Nevada, California, USA, June and July
      I went to visit friends, explore new places and have fun for a whole summer. I worked from home most of the time and had 3 weeks of holiday.
  • 2009
    • California, USA, November
      I went to visit Dionne and Gregg in Los Angeles with my Mom and sister for Thanksgiving! We had a great time
    • Athens, Greece, July
      I went to visit Kalliope in Athens
    • Gossau, Switzerland, July
      I went back to another Couchsurfing Paella meeting and to meet up with close friends for a week to be a tourist.
    • Rome, Italy, February
      I went with my sister to meet up with Dionne and Gregg and their families in Rome for Touristing and enjoying a few days of time together.
    • Reading / London, UK, January, March & April
      In January I met up with Couchsurfing friends in London, In March I visited my dear friend Mariann in Reading and Chris in London and in April I attended to Mariann and Mathias’ wedding in Reading and then I visited friends in London.
  • 2008
    • Rotterdam, The Netherlands, November
      I went to two different events in Netherlands. In June I went to a midsummer camp in Utrecht and in December I went to a Sinterklaas celebration in Rotterdam
    • Houston, TX, USA, Los Angeles & San Francisco, California
      I lived in Texas for work in October and November in Houston. I went for 10 days to visit Dionne (our exchange student from Canada) in Los Angeles and friends in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
    • Gossau, Switzerland, July
      I attended to a Couchsurfing Paella with 160 others.
  • 2007
    • Rome/Ascoli Piceno/Bologna/Rome, Italy, in October
      I went to visit friends in Italy with a friend from Norway. We did a Roadtrip and had a blast.
    • Nicaragua in Febuary
      I went to visit Managua, Granada, Masaya and Lake Nicaragua with a friend from Costa Rica.
    • Panama in January
      I went to visit friends living in Panama City, Chitre and David.
    • Costa Rica December 2006 – March 2007
      I went to visit my family and friends from 1993 and to relax and chill and explore and enjoy life.
  • 2006
    • London/Reading, UK, July
      I went to visit my best friend Mariann in London and to attend to the New Zealand / Australia TOAST festival and to go to a concert with Dave Dobbyn from New Zealand in Regents Park.
    • Canary Islands, Gran Canaria, March
      I went for a lovely holiday with my best friend Jorunn.
  • 2005
    • Toronto, ONT, Canada, October
      I went to Toronto to meet up with my family and Dionne and Gregg for their wedding. Dionne lived in my family for a year in 1991 as an AFS exchange student.
    • St.Paul/Minneapolis, MN, USA, October
      I went to attend to the wedding of my friend Meghan (that was also an exchange student in Costa Rica with Rotary in 1993) and her spouse Josh.
  • 2004
    • Alanya, Turkiye, May
      I went with 2 of my good friends for a week long holiday
  • 2003
    • Costa Rica
      I went back to visit my host family and friends from 1993 for 1,5 months in March / April.
  • 2001
    • Cascais, Portugal, September
      I went to visit my Dad and to get to know my newborn sister Linda in September.
  • 2000
    • Campinas, Brazil, April
      I went to visit my Dad and to attend to his wedding with my step mom Marilsa
  • 1999
    • Costa Rica, June / July
      I went back to visit my host family  and my friends that I made while I lived in Costa Rica in 1993 for 1 month.
  • 1995
    • Quebec, Canada
      I went to work as a volunteer at the AFS office in Montreal. I lived in a host family in the Laval area and worked downtown. I stayed 6 months from early September – February 1996. I also went to visit Ottawa and I spent christmas in Toronto.
    • New York, USA, May
      I won a trip to New York because of a competition selling pins for the Blind Association. I was the one to sell most pins for them. The trip was in May with 4 other  graduates.
  • 1993
    • Costa Rica, 1993/1994
      I lived in Costa Rica for the whole year of 1993 as an exchange student. I had a local host family and I attended a regular high-school year.
  • 1992
    • Innsbruck, Austria, February
      Skiing holiday with my family
  • 1985
    • RoadTrip: July
      Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway
  • 1982
    • Copenhagen, Denmark