Twilight – Norwegian Pre-Premiere

snow_6.gifSince I got home, we have had 1 and only one day with sun in Oslo. All other days have been cold and cloudy, Most of them it has snowed. One day was so foggy we could hardly see our hands in front of us. Temps vary from 0C to -10C
Ive spent a lot of time at home warming up in front of the fireplace.
Its fun to feel like a penguin when walking, because of all the clothes covering you up for the cold. On the sunny days winter can be quite charming.

After arriving home and getting back to normal I have been busier than in very long time. It has been a busy period both at work, private life and at home. It is right before christmas and lots to do and prepare.

Finally I managed to find some time for myself and Jorunn and Me went to see a movie.

During my stay in Texas I went to the movies a few times and also on TV I had seen a few TV commercials of a new upcoming movie. I hadn’t really heard much of this Twilight phenomenon, but the trailer looked cool enough.

The tickets were for the Pre-Premier for TWILIGHT
Check also:

So, one day I saw on TV the commercial for the Twilight movie releasing in Norway and the date for the pre-premiere.

I booked 2 tickets immediately and called Jorunn S and told her – hold the date, we are going to the movies.

We met at Furuset, took the metro downtown where we went to Saga Kino to see Twilight.
Unfortunately I had not the right previous knowledge of the movie. I thought it was a Vampire movie, not a romantic Vampire movie. Therefore I also miscalculated the amount of 14 year old girls showing up to look at the cute vampire fall in love.
This miscalculation was quite awkward at the beginning when the kids were screaming when the movie started, screaming when ALL the cute guys were showing and clapping and screaming some more.
Jorunn and myself found ourself rather amused by this behaviour…

To see teasers – look here:


The movie was great ! It was filled with action and funny teenage first love moments, cute guys (funny how that works when they use older actors) and exitement. Its well made and many good comments.

I learned a new, very favourable way of talking about beer. An expression i highly liked:
Hops Vitamins (Humle Vitaminer).

Unfortunately the movie ended too soon and as neither of us wanted to go home, we decided to watch another film as well.


Watch Teaser here:

This was a completely different movie. It was great, although much deeper and much more serious. It has recieved bad critics in the Newspapers, but what does critics know? Maybe they had a bad day… I dunno. I liked it. And that Keanu Reeves is good eyecandy anyways.

We had a burger and a glass of Hops Vitamines before we went home. It was a great night out !


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