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Returning from San Jose to Liberia with a stop in San Ramon to visit Nel Lopez!

I woke up 8-9 am and had breakfast with Lorena and Mario before I started to pack up my stuff and prepare to leave.

Lorena had a new appointment with her eyedoctor after her operation and while they were away I wrapped up my packing and once they got back Mario drew me a map on how to drive from their house to the highway towards Liberia.

I checked my Facebook email and I had an email from a local Costa Rican comedian, Nel Lopez. I wrote him a few days ago to ask if he still sells CDs from his show and hearing that I was a fan from Norway he wanted to invite me to his home to get to know me.

So, after taking off from Lorena and Marios house my first stop was in San Ramon. San Ramon is a village about 1 hour towards Puntarenas (and the coast) and once I arrived I called him to get directions. Nels daughter Maria Jesus came to get me and lead me to the house.

I had a great time getting to know Nel and his family. I have known about Nels Jokes and CDs since years and had many a good laughs from his jokes. It was real fun and he told me heaps of jokes and his wife served Arroz con Leche and home made lemon juice. Sooo good !!!

We took pictures and Nels daughter even took one with Nels camera that they posted on his facebook profile. So Cool. I got a few CDs and then Nel gave me one that has still not been released on top of that and they sent with me empanadas (sooo good). Really delicious.

I had to move on but first Nel accompanied me to Pops Ice Cream shops where we had Ice Cream and told eachother jokes :D Ha! Awesome day.

From San Ramon I moved on towards Liberia and I had a stop at a souvenir shop at Cuenca and at Monteverde Restaurant to have a bite. The trip went mostly fine. I may have driven a bit too fast a few times (I think my worst breach of local traffic laws was 85 in the 25 kmph zone, but that was following the traffic and the queue). In one of the 25 kmph zones there was a police control, but thankfully they did not stop us despite driving in 60 kmph (following the queue again).  However what they did do when they discovered I was a female and blond driver was to throw kisses at me.. I love this country!

I arrived at home just as the sunset was over and it got dark. I still had just a little light left when I arrived (I really dislike driving in the dark here due to such poor visibility and conditions), but it was awesome to finally arrive home after this 2,5 weeks trip. I had dinner with my family and then I unpacked and sorted dirty clothes to wash tomorrow. Then I just enjoyed spending time at home !


Breaking Dawn – Midnight Pre-Premiere with Elizabeth Reaser

I just got home from the Pre-Premiere of Breaking Dawn – The fourth installment of the Twilight Saga (yeah yeah). Finally, 1,5 years after Eclipse was released – it is here!

And you know who else was here with us today? Elizabeth Reaser  aka Esme Cullen. She is in Oslo, Norway for 3 full days promoting the movie. I even got a picture of me with her.

I went to see the movie with my best friend and we were dressed up for a Black Carpet Movie Premiere. Maybe a bit overdone with the fangs and all (since noone wears fangs in the Twilight Saga), but that’s just part of the fun :D

Prior to the midnight screening there was a bridal show, some people won goodie bags, Marion Ravn interviewed Elizabeth and we were shown the movie trailers and movies from fan events while waiting for midnight and the actual movie started.

Marion Ravn and Elizabeth Reaser.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer Mash up of the two

The movie was great. Bill Condon has done a great job. Unfortunately to avoid the certain (US American) R-Rating Sex scenes, Birth Scene and Death was toned down, but at the same time, in the book you are also left to wonder and think for yourselves.
The birth scene was fantastic. Probably one of the best in the film.

One of my favourite scenes was during the wedding when family and friends held speaches to the bride and groom and Charlie threatens Edward to treat Bella well and keep her happy for the rest of her life, because he knows a few things … like shooting with a gun, beating someone up and stalking. After all he is a Policeman ! Awesome scene! Bellas mom sings a lullabye. Bella’s friend Jessica performs a bittersweet speach where she lets it shine through she is jealous that Edward didn’t choose her. Awesome.

Oh.. Wedding Dress.. My Gosh what a boring wedding dress. Totally DISLIKE.

I had great anticipation to how they would be explaining the whole imprinting on infants part and I’m not too impressed of how they handled that – however I also understand why…

Totally stoked folks… Loved it !!
As another blogger said it: “No one is going to call this movie a masterpiece, but I was not looking for a masterpiece”.

Newspaperarticles from the event:
Aftenposten – (Interview with Elizabeth Reaser post-movie)

Newspaper recommendations on the movie:
(PS: All articles in Norwegian only)

For more pictures
CLick link to my picasa album

Other Movie Reviews:

Linkin Park

I have listened  to Linkin Park for years and years. I dont even remember when I first heard of LP (or potentially my memory going bad with age – however it works perfectly if I need it to). Thats how long ago I started liking LP  !

This is Linkin Park played at Hovefestivalen. It is their FIRST visit EVER to Norway and they were one of the reasons I even cared about purchasing the ticket.

Linkin Park playing in Norway. Awesome concert

Extatic is my experience with this concert. Of course, I am one of the Fans and I was of course located right in front of the stage (a bit to the right side to not be in the middle of the crazy bunch). The concert was a BLAST! It was an energetic, completely awesome show and we got lots of new songs and some of the old classics. I am very, very happy about not missing out on this one !!!

Video from the performance at Hove


Other music videos from LP


Waiting for the End


In the End

Waiting for the End

It was a fantastic concert, great songs and despite the newspaper reviews I had a great time !!! A really great time ! I’m so getting this album ! And I picked up a LP A Thousand Suns Tour T-shirt!!.

Where Aftenposten and VG claims that audio was lame and LP no longer delivers due to age and that people left the concert due to bad performance (over 20 000 people were present, it was the last concert of the day – a few of them hmay have left early to avoid complete traffic chaos once concert ended), Dagbladet praised the concert high.

Norwegian Newspaper Reviews
(Where I actually suspect Dagbladets reviewer to be a bigge fan of the band than the other 2 reviewers – where Dagbladet cant praise LP enough, VG and Aftenposten claims the concert was low quality – Its always about preferences)

30 Seconds To Mars

My first meeting with 30 Seconds to Mars was in California in November 2009. I was in a Hot Topic store and they played the newest 30STM record (This is War) promoting it in the store. It was short before release date. I wanted to purchase the album right away – however they hadn’t gotten the album for sale (just for promo) and I ordered it on Amazon when I got home that same day. It arrived by mail a few days later and I was happy.

30STM is the band of the Hollywood actor Jared Leto, his brother Shannon and guitarist Tomo Miličević.

Today they performed at Hovefestivalen in Arendal, Norway and they delivered some show! However – I must admit that the concert in itself is not among the best I have seen (or heard). Jareds band mates mainly stayed in the back of the stage, letting Jared run around doing his thing. This works in some ways, but mainly for the kids (Anyone under 25 – Please dont feel offended if you dont categorize yourself in this category and are under 25)…  Jared was more busy focusing on showing off, getting people to scream and jump (endless encouraging to jump) and what about those pants? They looked like something women wore in Norway 20 years ago to wear pants, but pretend they were skirts. Weird. The kids liked it ! :D

30STM Did put on a blast of a show

They played lots of good songs from the “This is War” album.  Im very happy about that part! AND I got a T-shirt ! YAY. I still had a great time and it was a good concert!

Now – Im only waiting for todays most awaited band: Linkin Park

Norwegian Newspaper Reviews
Pre concert article – Dagbladet

Pablo Francisco in Oslo

Today I gave Jorunn her birthdaygift – a week early, but who cares. The comedian Pablo Francisco was in Oslo and he would not wait a week – just not to spoil Jorunns surprise…

It was a great show – like you have no idea.

We both laughed hysterically most of the time and had a great time !

Me, Pablo Francisco and Jorunn

Here a few Youtube videos of him performing (PS: Not from todays show)

All about the preview guy

Mexican Comedian – Brokeback Mountain

On drugs and rehab

Scarface and Kermit drug deal

Billy Burke Removed Record Release party at the House of Blues in Hollywood

sunny.gifGreat temperatures today. As usual +42C and not a cloud in sight :D 0% air humidity. Gorgeous day :D

I woke up early and packed my stuff and played with Gerd and Auduns dogs.
Audun had to go to Tucson today so he said goodbye before he took off for work and for breakfast Gerd took me to John and Jimmys sandwitch bar and then we went to the post office to ship my catch from Target yesterday.
That was easily 15 pounds, but it was not as expensive as I would have thought it to be so that was good news :D
After that we drove around to find Tapioca seeds and we ended up at the Whole Foods market. They had Tapioca seeds but not black ones that I am searching for. However I will find them somewhere :D

Then Gerd and I went home again and I had a shower before Gerd took me to the airport early.

Good thing she did though because my flight was cancelled !!!! EEEEK. I totally panicked thinking of the Billy Burke concert and the appointment with Libbi.
THANKFULLY I was very early for my flight and the personnel booked me on the flight 1 hour before my original flight and everything was solved for the best ! Things obviously worked out so much better today than I would have thought, I think I was meant to go to that concert :D
Not only winning the tickets, but also because I was allowed to bring a friend.

I picked up a few souvenirs, went through security and sat down to wait for my flight. Nothing interesting happend neither there nor during the flight and I was even lucky with the suttle services too. One came just a few minutes after I got out of the airport. We picked up passengers from all the terminals. Even the traffic wasnt too bad and I checked in at Hollywood and Highland Hostel and Hotels in good time before the concert and I checked in and got myself over to the Hollywood House of Blues to meet Libbi :D I met Libbi at the Twilight Convention last weekend in Los Angeles.

When we met up we realized that there was people nicely dressed up everywhere and we were like… OhOh.. we are like totally underdressed. Eeeks.

Thankfully… We were not. Those overdressed people were participating at a different event in the first floor. Turned out… Billy Burkes record release party was in the Foundation room up in the third floor ! Woohooo :D We are game.
I would have thought that it was a huge event but in reality it turned out to be a rather exclusive party. Only 100 guests whereof 30 fans + their friends and the rest of the crowd was Billys friends and family. His father was there, his lovely wife, Pollyanna Rose, was there and of course camera folks, managers and the band. :D

One of the smallest concerts I have been to but also one of the nicest.
After the concert Billy handed out CDs and signed them for those interested. We were also handed out CDs on our exit.

It was a wonderful evening and I enjoyed every single moment of it. When I got back to the hostel I watched some lame TV shows until I had processed the great night and was ready for sleeping.

And yes if you recognize Billys face – its only because you have probably seen him as Bella Swans dad in The Twiligh Saga movies :D

Twilight Convention – Phoenix, Arizona – Day 3

sunny.gifGreat temperatures today. As usual +42C and not a cloud in sight :D 0% air humidity. Gorgeous day :D

I woke up and spent some time updating on emails and just relaxing as the official program, that I would participate to, wasn’t about to start until 11:30 so I prepared to check out of my room, pay and store my luggage with the Bell boy.

Sunday Programme:
10:00 am to 10:15 am: VENDORS ROOM SET UP/ Vendors Only
10:15 am to 4 pm: Registration, Vendors Room Open
11:00 am to 6pm: Theatre Open


11:15 am HILLYWOOD SHOW OPEN and final showing of NEW MOON Parody

11:35 pm The Wolf Pack Panel with ALEX MERAZ, KIOWA GORDON and BOOBOO STEWART: get your howl on and be with us for what promises to be a fun event!
Note: Booboo will be signing at in the vendors area throughout the weekend, times will be posted at registration & in vendors area.

On the question to Kiowa; Tell us a secret fact about Alex Meraz. Kiowa revealed that Alex used to work at a gay bar for 8 months. Alex confirmed this.

12:15 pm COSTUME COMPETITION: Come dressed in your finest costume as any Twilight themed character or make up your own! A $250 gift certificate is awarded to the very best! Let your creative juices flow and come ready to thrill!

The winners were Renesme and Edward of the kids and of the grown ups the Jacob wolf :D and Emily and Embry.

12:40 pm PHOTO OPS with WOLF PACK The Wolves and YOU! Alex, Kiowa and Booboo and YOU! Awesome opportunity!

12:50 pm TWILIGHT LEXICON PANEL: Twilight Saga Set Visit – The Lexicon was on set of Twilight the day that Catherine Hardwicke referred to as: The day that made grown men cry. Hear about that day of crazy weather on the beach and share her video interviews with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. They were also on the set of New Moon and can speak about the vast difference between the two experiences.

1:35 pm TWILIGHT & GENRE AUCTION: Grab the big bargains here in cool collectibles! The pace is fast so get your bids in to win!


The Volturi panel was one of the best ones up until so far. Daniel and Charlie rocked the stage better than anyone and they clearly like to entertain and show around. They were fantastic and perfect for the panels. The whole crowd laughed with them as they threw around jokes and fun stories. Charlie has the most contagious laughter as well and its difficult to not join in and have fun when he laughs.

3:20 pm PHOTO OPS with The VOLTURI and YOU! You and Daniel Cudmore and Charlie Bewley (don’t be scared!)

3:30 pm TWILIGHT TRIVIA COMPETITION II: The final chance to put all that Twilight reading and watching to use by trying to win gift certificates and prizes! Be in the audience to participate!

4:10 pm On One side of the theatre: AUTOGRAPHS with DANIEL CUDMORE and CHARLIE BEWLEY.


As we were waiting for the autographs, Gerd came to pick me up, but she waited patiently in the auditorium with me :D

When all was done we looked around the hotel before we went to meet Audun and a friend of his at a bar for dinner.

When we got home we had chocolate brownies for dessert and spent the evening talking and watching TV (New Season of True Blood) and having fun.
It was great to be able to spend more time with Gerd too as we havent met for 16 years!