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Returning from Aberdeen to Oslo

This morning I had to get up early and finish the last bit of the packing before I would have to leave. Every ounce of the suitcases were very carefully packed and weighed and when I was ready I woke Anni up so that we could have breakfast together before I had to leave.

I stopped by the Laura Ashley store at the Bon Accord Shopping Center, but this time only to get help with all the recipts and the tax free shopping forms so that I could send that before leaving Scotland. As it turned out I had gotten the wrong form yesterday and hence I got the new form today and they helped me completed it before I had to leave.

As soon as I was done at the Laura Ashley store I went to the bus stop for the airport bus and i was taken to the Aberdeen airport.

My flights back home were quite uneventful, however when I got back I was greeted by the catsitter who had prepared me a lovely meal and a very happy cat that was happy mommy was home. The catsitter left after dinner and I enjoyed a quiet evening at home with kitty.


Aberdeen Beach & Shopping

Anni and I woke up a bit late and enjoyed a relaxing morning. The weather was rather good and we decided to take a walk along the city beach and then go for breakfast at the beach.

We got dressed and set off into the nice day through Aberdeen towards the shore and the beaches. We passed the Amusement park and headed down to walk on the beach. The waves had made beautiful patterns in the sand there was the cutest dog, running up and down to avoid the water, but still playing with it.

The Aberdeen Beach Promenade

A Paddle Surfer. Awesome techniques.

After our stroll on the beach we stopped at the Sand Dollar Cafe where we had pancakes and bacon for lunch. It was so good.

Me and Anni at the Sand Dollar Cafe for lunch.

After lunch we walked in to the city centre where we walked around for a little just enjoying the day.

The Merekat Cross

After we were done with the sightseeing and it was time to move towards home, we stopped by Bon Accord Shopping center again where we were only supposed to check out something, but ended up staying another hour at Laura Ashley.

Today I got a few more items, and by now my pile of new clothes has gotten this high:

I also got a tax free form to complete for all the shopping I had done to see if I could get some money back on the taxes.

For dinner we went up to a nearby Indian restaurant  and brought with us some food so that we wouldnt have to make dinner :D We shared a bottle of red wine and had a very nice evening.

Saturday retail Therapy @ Laura Ashley & Aberdeen Sightseeing

Anni and I had a nice breakfast together this morning, before we strolled off towards the city center where the train station was our first stop for Anni to pick up train tickets she had ordered.

After picking up the tickets we walked around in the streets of Aberdeen for a while.

I was very fascinated by this moss covered churchyard in the middle of Aberdeen centre.

We also went through the Union Terrace Gardens which was beautiful.

After the sightseeing round we stopped at the Bon Accord shopping center… and there we went wild at the Laura Ashley store…

I might have gone a bit bad yesterday and today, but… It felt so good.
There is no therapy like Retail Therapy.

For dinner Anni cooked a delicious Chili con Carne which we enjoyed with her friend Ani that came over for a lovely evening!

Shopping in Aberdeen

Anni and I shared a lovely breakfast together before I set off for sightseeing and Anni went to work. I spent almost all day walking. I walked up and down streets, shopping centers, tourist attractions and in and out of stores. I had a great day and where in Norway no stores what so ever are open over the official holidays of easter, every store in Aberdeen was and  I had a great time shopping and enjoying my day outside. I bought a lovely top at Debenhams, DVDs at HMV and then we had Laura Ashley, where I stopped for several hours and came out with lots of nice clothes :D

It was raining a bit and I went to have a coffee

At 6 PM I met Anni at Kings College where she has her office and does her studies. We went out for a few drinks and some food at the St Machar bar at the university area where we met up with a few of her friends as well.

The famous Kings College of Aberdeen.

Well at home we shared a bottle of bubbly and sparkly and had a very nice time chatting and enjoying to catch up before going to bed.

Aberdeen – Here I come!

It has been just 3 days less than 5 weeks since I got home from Costa Rica and I’m already on the wings again !

This time the destination is Aberdeen and I’m visiting a friend of mine there.

I left Oslo around midday and flew through Copenhagen and then to Aberdeen. I had a quite nice trip and I flew in one of the smallest planes I have been in ever.

Landing in Aberdeen I took the airport shuttle into the city and Broad Street where my friend and host Anni was waiting for me.

We walked home to Annis place, left my luggage at her place, had  a few glasses of lovely red wine and went groceries shopping. Then we went back to Annis place and made lovely dinner and chatted the night away. :D

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Ditton Park

This week I have spent in Ditton Park, UK which is the main office for CA in Europe, attending a course in Server Automation.

The river

Ditton Park (to be referred to as DP) in itself is a HUGE park with lovely green areas and surrounded by forest in the Datchet / Windsor / Slough area of Berkshire, England.

The main office is by the entrance, however we were located in the Manor house where our course was held. We had to cross this lovely little river to get there.

Beautiful Surroundings truly does inspire. Even if there is lots of noise from the planes taking off and landing at Heathrow airport, DP is a peaceful place with a tiny river running through the area, ducks swimming in the river, geese eating grass and even a few herons here and there and I walked to and from work through this lovely area to my hotel every day.

Beautiful Reflections

A few mornings I went on photoshoots as well to try to capture nice images of the duck and geese families with their young as well as the beautiful surroundings around DP area.

Come here now – All of you… Where is your brother?


See ya’all – This is how you drink

The course itself was challenging and very interesting. I learned a lot and we finalized the week with an exam that I passed ! YAY. I am actually inmensely proud of this due to the level of difficult that it was. People attending the copurse were mainly from my own VSA Services PUMA group, but we also had a VSA PreSales guy attending from Austria. This was great – because that way I could get to know more of the people I work with.

Monday night I had dinner with my boss, Roy, and a colleague, Paul, at one of the Hotel Restaurants. Lovely dinner. Tuesday I went to Slough for shopping. Wednesday 2 of my colleagues and I went to Windsor to see the Queen. Thursday I spent relaxing in the Hotel.

All in all it was a great week and Im happy with all the  material I learned and not to mention the exam that I passed. After the Exam on Friday I had to return to the hotel and check out. Then i went for lunch and then It was soon time to go to the airport. Returning home for this time. It was a great week !

Walking and Dining amongst Royals

Today after work two of my colleagues and I spent the evening in Royal surroundings in Windsor / Eton.

We started out leaving the Hotel at 7pm and Paul drove us to Windsor, where we found ourselves driving around to figure out where to park. Windsor was packed with people! There were people EVERYWHERE! We soon realized that the Royal Windsor Horse Show and the Windsor Royal Castle Tattoo is going on for these days.

We soon found a parking spot and strolled down alongside the River Thames, before we crossed the bride over to Eton, where the Royals are schooled.


After seeing the school, we went back to Windsor again and we headed up towards the Windsor Royal Shopping Center (which is about where I had dinner with my colleagues last time I was in UK for the team meeting), following the Royal Castle. The guys were asked to help an old lady (probably not the queen in disguise) carry her shopping bags, which they gladly helped her with and I went around playing with my camera trying to capture some good images of the Castle.

The Royal Castle

The Crooked House of Windsor, also known as the Market Cross House, was built in 1592.

We walked in some tiny streets with lots of restaurants and of course we found The Crooked House of Windsor. The Crooked House of Windsor is a tiny house that is completely crooked.

The house was built in 1592 and it has a secret passageway directly to the Windsor Castle that back then was used for deliveries of groceries from the market and some even say it was used by King Charles and his mistress to meet.

The house didn’t start to tilt until 1718 after it was restructured with unseasoned green oak. The building now functions as a tea house for patrons who don’t mind sitting at a bit of an angle; the crooked floors were never leveled.

This passageway is, for understandable reasons, now sealed off :D

As we walked around the Castle, we noticed that the Royal Standards flag was hanging high from the flag poles at Her Majesty the Queens castle – meaning she was actually at home …

Wooohooo. We are now officially in company of Royals! It is a common fact that Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth likes to attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show each year- which practically is being organized right outside her doorsteps.

We continued on and we decided it was about time to get something to eat. We walked down towards the lower parts of Windsor and found a lovely bar called The Royal Oak where we decided to have a stop. The food there was nothing else than lovely. It was so good.

The Royal Oak Pub

I had a Lamb Shank served on mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables with a rosemary and red wine sauce. It must be the best meal I had in UK – if not all times – definately for this trip ! For dessert I had a Chocolate Sponge cake – which was absolutely mouthwatering delcious …
I also got a taste of the Treacle Sponge cake the guys had (which I was very much tempted to have ordered instead of the chocolate… it was so good – I have to make that pudding at home one day.

We went home after dinner and it was already so late it was time to go to sleep.
It was a lovely day in great company.