Eindhoven – Postel, Belgium- Eindhoven – Den Haag

Angelique and Maikel served a fantastic breakfast this morning and I was completely thrilled. I mean we had duck egg omelette and it tasted so delicious. I love any kind of eggs (although I have never tried turtle eggs out of pure principal), but these had such a lovely, rich taste I was sold.

They had even brought these eggs with them from their holiday in Sweden. I need to find out where they sell Duck Eggs back home.

Then Angelique, Maikel and myself got into the car and we set out towards Belgium. Angelique had promised to help her best friend, Anke and her husband Sjef, to paint in their new house while Maikel and I set off to the nearby city Postel, where we went to visit the Abdij Van Postel.

Maikel and I walked around in the Abdij and we had a nice day with sun and we got ourselves some chocolateĀ for our little walk.

The Abdij was really nice and the munks are really good at growning and selling their own herbs and natural teas and other stuff from their garden.

When we were done there we went back to pick up Angelique and then drove back to Eindhoven. Maikel and Angelique had a concert they would attend to and I would have to return to Den Haag.

But first Maikel and Angelique dressed up and prepared for the big concert !

We took the bus downtown and there we split and I got the train back home where I went to get some food for dinner and then relaxed back in the hotel room for the rest of the night.


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