Today is Thanksgiving and the family packed up to leave Norco to go to Ventura / Camarillo to celebrate Thanksgiving with Greggs side of the family.

However after breakfast we had time to go for a nice little swim.

We left the house at 11 am in 2 cars and it was a nice and long ride. The weather was awesome. Perfect temperatures and nice and sunny.

We arrived in Ventura where we checked in to our hotel and then we all went to Gregg Sr and Jann’s house where we were greeted by Greggs parents and siblings with kids.

Gregg Jr and sister Dionne

The family cooking Thanksgiving Dinner ! Smelling SOOO NICE

Lovely Turkey

Beautiful Fruit !!

Dinner was served at 6 and we had a very traditional US American Thanksgiving dinner. It was absolutely lovely and spending it with this fantastic family was even better.  We had so much fun and it was such a lovely day.

After dinner it was time for a photo session and then we had dessert and games.

Ingrid, Mom and me with Gregg Sr and Jann (in the back)

Ingrid, Mom and Me with Gregg Sr, Dionne and Baby Maya (in front)

Gregg Sr and jann with all the grandkids

Mom with Baby Maya

It was awesome and Gregg Sr. promised to take me and sis Ingrid out for a plane ride tomorrow morning!!!!! In his own home buildt plane :D My gosh, that will be exiting !!!

After the party we returned in the cars to Ventura to our hotel to go to bed and relax.


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