Tim Burton’s “Nightmare before Christmas”

Ever since this movie came out I have loved it. Now it has become a huge part of my pre-christmas traditions. Every year before christmas I HAVE to watch it to get into that special holiday spirit.

The inhabitants of the Halloween city have just finished celebration this years Halloween and their King, Jack Skellington, feel empty and hollow. Like life is no longer fullfilling for him.

While the others celebrate that another Halloween celebration has ended in great satisfaction… Jack sets off for a long walk and gets lost. During his time alone and his walk – he discovers a meadows with a circle of trees with decorataive doors and he is fascinated by the glittering globes and the decoration on the christmas tree. He touches the globes and the door opens and Jack falls in.

Jack is stunned by the joys of Christmas and the holiday spirit that posesses Christmas town. He is amazed and brings home lots of samples to Halloween town and performs a huge amount of experiments to try to understand what Christmas is all about. During his experiments he decides that he does not need to understand what it is about, but he does decide that this is what will fill his life with joy again and decides to make Christmas his.

He calls all members of Halloween town to a town meeting to let them in on his plans and as he tries explaining them what Christmas is about and of his plans for them to take over Christmas. They are all in on the idea, except Sally who thinks this is a terrible idea.

For those of you not having watched this movie yet, here is the film trailer:

This film is a musical and this is my ABSOLUTE favourite song from this movie:
Jack Skellington discoveres Christmas Town: “What’s This?”

There are 2 versions of this film and it has a huge fan group.
My favourite is the original 1993 version.

Nightmare before Christmas on the web:
On Wiki
On Rotten Tomatoes
On Tim Burton Collective


2 responses to “Tim Burton’s “Nightmare before Christmas”

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  2. I totally love this movie as well!

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