Time for a bathroom break

Due to the ongoing process of refurbishing my bathroom and my kitchen I am without water in my apartment… This sometimes proves to be a challenge when I need to go to the bathroom or take a shower.

Not at all during daytime, but at night… that’s another story.

Our current bathroom is located not only out of the apartment, but out of the building and actually outside the nextdoor building. Which is NOT fun when you wake up at 4 am and need a night time potty run and the temperature shows +2C (that’s right. Its getting cold at night now too).

Nice yellow bathroom:

I had planned to stay with friends during this period, but when I decided to refurbish the kitchen as well it would not give me time to both do this and not live at home, hence now I am stuck with this wonderful solution of going outside every time I need to take a shower or a toilet visit.

(It’s kind of funny as well – feels like living in a mad house)


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